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Nice pics!  Chris and Pat, daddy’s.  Nice to see the riv from down south.  Good to see you guys chasing fish instead of ropping turds.  Litttle dude slips one in right after a fresh change every time.   Kills me.   Any how,  sounds like the grips of winter are officially off.  The river is fishing well and a 30 1/2″ was caught in the canyon on Wed.  Cole and Josh saw the guy as well as Galloup’s guide “skinny”.  They said the fish was fat and heavy for this time of year.  Maybe 10#.  Also have heard some good reports of streamers down in 3 and 4.  Would like to hook up next Tuesday or Thursday for a R & D and celebrate Justin’s new position.                                       Day care days for me.  Jet boat anyone?    Skwallas have always been a April thing for me down in 4.  However, the BWO’s and Midge on cloudy and calm days should be worth the trip. Sight casting some small nymphs and scuds can be deadly this time of year.  Crayfish are molting and carpenter ants are going to work.  Good times and peaceful days my friends.  If only a few clients were to catch on and then maybe the next early season brut could be caught on a fly! .  Looking forward to the next few weeks, and hope to see you guys out there.  Remember….Shhhhhh    It’s March.  The only thing going on is BASKETBALL!!  Thank God!!  However,  Bobby Knight is fly fisherman.