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Guided Waterfowl Hunting

The Lodge at Palisades Creek is pleased to offer two hunting packages!

We are permitted to hunt ducks and geese (waterfowl) on the south border of Palisades Reservoir, and on forest service and BLM ground along the river bottom. This 36 miles of river ranges from the Palisades Dam downstream through the Canyon to Clark’s Hill. We also have permission to hunt local fields in layout blinds for the ultimate in waterfowl hunting! One piece of advice for the hunter planning his/her trip. In past years, changes in number of birds migrating have prompted the adjustment of opening and closing dates for waterfowl hunting. We absolutely feel it behooves you to give the Lodge a call or email in late July or early August. By then we should know the exact dates for this exciting experience.

The primary waterfowl species include mallards and Canadian geese; however, you may encounter pintail, wideon, and teal. If you’d like to throw a little fishing into the mix, the cast and blast package is designed to fit your needs.


Cast N' Blast

Split up your day between hunting and fishing and kill two birds with one stone; pun intended. The cast and blast is available from mid October through November.

One or Two People


*Includes lunch and 2 boxes of shells.


Hunting Only

If you’re just a hunter, we also offer a full day of waterfowl hunting. The season opens roughly around October and continues through January; our season will go until it is no longer safe to launch jet boats in the river.



Two or more people (per person)


*Includes lunch and 2 boxes of shells.