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To be called “fishy” is one of the highest compliments you can receive amongst fellow guides. Fishy describes someone who possess an unparalleled passion for fly fishing. So much so, that they literally think like a fish. All of our guides possess this coveted title. Our goal is to create an unmatchable fly fishing experience for anglers from every skill level. Our guides will go above and beyond to share their knowledge and skills with you with these objectives in mind; to catch fish and make you a better a fly fishermen. In addition, create a personal client to guide relationship that will continue year after year. Come and experience it for yourself. We fish one river. We hire local. We have the knowledge. Why fish with the rest when you can fish with the best?

Jaason Pruett

Swan Valley, ID

Jaason was born in Aberdeen, S.D. and traveled the world in his adolescence. Living in places like Scotland, Indiana, Chicago, and southern California. He made Swan Valley his permanent home in 1994. His career with the Lodge began the following year at the tender age of 18. Jaason has been a mentor and a leader since then and is currently the Lodge at Palisades Creek’s head guide. Jaason has achieved the top guide in the Jackson Hole One Fly for the Idaho section in 2003, as well as The Carmichael Award for outstanding performance as a guide in both Idaho and Wyoming through the Jackson Hole One Fly 2009.

Jaason’s favorite fly is called the “J-Slam”. A fly he designed to imitate the prolific golden stonefly on our beautiful river. One of his favorite times fishing is with his son, Traason. The look on his son’s face and the enthusiasm Traason expresses confirms, he is “a chip off the old block”. Jaason, his daughter Kambree and son Traason spend the off season enjoying this special place you have come to visit and they call “Home”.

Jaason creates an incredible experience for our guests by matching their goals and abilities with the appropriate guides. He has a complete understanding of the various levels of fishing and the need to provide our guests with a memory of a lifetime. From beginners to family’s to the most experienced angler, he can discuss any special requirements or opportunities with you to make sure your stay with us exceeds your expectations!
South Fork of the Snake River Fly Fishing Guide Jaason Pruett

Josh Heileson

Idaho Falls, ID

Josh was born and raised right here in Idaho and was lucky enough to grow up hunting and fishing the region. Josh has been working here at The Lodge at Palisades Creek as a fly fishing guide since the summer of 2008. “I just love to be on the water, mostly fly fishing the south fork. You might find me ice fishing, wading the shallows of a local lake, casting to carp or floating the salmon river in search of steelhead. As long as I am on the water and there are fish involved I am a happy boy.”


Josh Jablow


Josh Jablow has been guiding the last 15 years and has spent the last 10 years fishing and guiding the waters of southeast Idaho such as the South Fork of the Snake, Henry’s Fork, and Teton River. He began his fly-fishing life in the waters of Eastern Arkansas, while living in Memphis, TN. He then took his passion out west. It was in Colorado where he went from fly fishing fanatic, to fly fishing fanatic and guide.

After 5 years in Breckenridge, Josh decided to call Idaho home. He moved up to Driggs, ID from Colorado, expanding his horizons in search of less people and more snow. Josh soon realized he had landed in one of the country’s best fisheries as well. His other interests include snowboarding, playing bass guitar, photography, and long walks on the beach :-). Josh’s patience and ability to teach others is what will make a great day on the river even better.


Buck Leonard

Idaho Falls, ID

Robert “Buck” Leonard grew up in Idaho and learned to fish on the South Fork as a child. While completing a degree in geology, Buck turned a passion for all things fly fishing into a career. Buck has now been a full time guide on the South Fork for over a decade. Buck also has guided steelhead in Idaho and has guided salt water anglers in the Caribbean.

Buck’s experience and demeanor makes him an excellent guide and teacher, both for the most experienced angler and the first timer looking for just the right introduction to the sport. Professionalism, personality and fish productivity combine to make Buck one of our most requested guides.

Cole Sutheimer

Swan Valley, ID

Cole was raised in Swan Valley, Idaho, and from his earliest memories recalls running through the hills and calling the South Fork of the Snake River his backyard, spending as much time as possible learning the water and fishing. Cole began working at The Lodge at Palisades Creek at the young age of 14; spending summers cutting the lawn and raking the Casting Pond. A deep local knowledge and enthusiasm distinguishes Cole’s approach.

Cole has achieved the top guide in the Jackson Hole One Fly for the Idaho section in 2007. In his free time you’ll find him tying flies for the use on South Fork, hunting, and snowboarding.


Chase Hines

Flagstaff, AZ

Chase enjoyed growing up in Flagstaff, it was the best place for an outdoorsman in the state. But coming out to Idaho was the best move he has ever made. You can fish and hunt throughout the whole year in your own backyard. There is always a season going on and of course the fishing never ends.

Being able to fish the South Fork everyday is not something that gets old. Chase started working at the lodge at the young age of 19 and he loves absolutely every minute of it. As your guide, Chase strives to show you just exactly what the South Fork has to offer, from big dries on the banks to small dries in the riffles and everything in between. Prepare to fall in love with Idaho and the South Fork and plan on coming back year after year.


Tanner Lewis

Missoula, MT

Tanner was born and raised in Missoula, Montana fishing for Cuttys and Bows on the Bitterroot and the Blackfoot River. He started his career in fly fishing working in a fly shop and guiding at a young age in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He currently spends the winter months at his home in Coeur d’Alene but spends much of those months chasing steelhead on the Clearwater and Snake River. He has fished throughout the surrounding states but he always returns to Idaho. As a guide he strives to share his love of fly fishing and the beauty of the wilderness with you to make your trip memorable.


Greg George

New York

Greg grew up in upstate NY, and moved west to Oregon in ’93. He picked up a fly rod there and became obsessed. Fly fishing has consumed a great deal of his time since then. He decided that fly fishing was pretty much all he wanted to do and followed that thought all over the country in search of fish. Trout, steel-head, saltwater, carp, he loves fishing, fish and the places they live. He moved to Swan Valley to become a guide on the South Fork, which he enjoys as much as fishing. Being able to share his passion for fly fishing and the outdoors with clients is a dream job for him. Don’t forget to mend!

river fishing guide

Scott Reimer

Billings, MT

Scott was born in Billings, MT and a few years later moved to and was learning to fly fish in the Black Hills of South Dakota. At the age of 12 he was packed up and moving to Idaho remembering the only thing he was worried about was “how was the fishing going to be in Idaho”? He has fished as often as possible since that day and loved every minute of it. Now guiding the waters he has learned to fish is the most rewarding part of it all.


Boots Allen

Jackson, WY

Boots Allen is a third generation fishing guide whose family has significantly contributed to the development of the fly fishing industry in Wyoming since the 1920s. He began guiding for his father and uncle while still in high school and recently completed his 19th season of guiding on the streams of western Wyoming and eastern Idaho. Boots has penned a variety of articles for national fly fishing magazines, including Fly Tyer, Fly Fishing and Tying Journal, Sports Afield, The Drake, and has been a featured personality in regional and national television programs. He is the author of the Snake River Fly Fishing: Through the Eyes of an Angler (2010).

Among his numerous accomplishments are:

  • High Score Guide, Jackson Hole One-Fly, 2004, 2005, and 2008
  • Second Place High Score Guide, Jackson Hole One-Fly, 2007
  • Carmichael-Cohen Memorial Guide Award, 2007

Boots is well known for his creative dry flies and streamers and has developed patterns for Umpqua Feather Merchants and the Orvis Company. His passion for fishing and guiding has taken him to some of the furthest reaches that a rod can take an individual. Guiding for 25 lb. sea-run brown trout in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, is one thing. But he has also swung tube flies to 30 lb. steelhead in British Columbia, stalked 40 plus-inch Taimen on the streams of Mongolia and Kazakhstan, skirted mouse patterns across Siberian streams in Russia for 30 inch Lenok, and stripped Bucktails in Costa Rica for giant rooster fish.

While not guiding, Boots keeps himself busy as co-producer of documentary films for Jah Trout Productions, a media group whose films focus on fly fishing lifestyle and culture and the link the sport has to the protection of sport fish. Jah Trout’s films include End of the Road, which explores Taimen in Mongolia and the conservation efforts underway their to protect the specie, and Why We Go: Fishing in the Hole, which examines the Snake River in Wyoming and Idaho and local conservation efforts aimed at protecting native cutthroat. Jah Trout’s most recent film is Where Hope Resides (2009). This film explores the magic of the British Columbia’s Skeena River system, its world class steelhead and salmon fishery, and the threat it faces from commercial fishing and mining in the headwaters.


Josh Cohn

Denver, CO

Josh began fishing in the Rockies as a child, but no one could have imagined that he would spend so much time fishing as an adult. Born and raised in Denver, Josh started fly-fishing in Colorado’s front range, and has since chased trout all around the intermountain west. A Jackson Hole resident since 2003, Josh now pursues trout obsessively for eight months each year.

Working as a guide since 2007, Josh specializes in teaching (borrowing from his winter job as a ski instructor). Josh enjoys working with beginners, and emphasizes that fly-fishing should be fun. After all, who wants to learn something that isn’t fun!! Call TLAPC today to arrange Josh as your guide for a fly-fishing trip you’ll never forget.

“I told everyone here in Tallahassee that we caught 25-30 cutthroat and I missed at least twice that many more!! I rate this one of the best fishing experiences I’ve ever had. As a novice fly fisherman, I appreciated both the patience you demonstrated while working with me and educating me on how to fish “your water”, and the enormous effort you made all day to put me on the fish.” -Tom H.


Dan Dellacato

Victor, ID

Dan grew up on the banks of the Esopus creek in upstate NY near the Catskill mountains. He developed a love and passion for fishing as a child. He moved to Jackson, WY in 1984 and built a home in Victor, ID after a few years in Jackson. Dan has 30 years of experience fly fishing and guiding on our beautiful South Fork of the Snake River. Dan loves to help out when his schedule allows him to share his knowledge and experience with TLAPC clients on his favorite River. Dan’s favorite fly is the pink sparkle Dunn. There is nothing like dropping it in softly into a pocket swirl on a large bank, keeping it from getting sucked under with a high stick mend, and then sticking the hog, life defined within seconds.

Justin Hays

Minneapolis, MN

Justin came to Idaho from Minneapolis, MN After graduating Catholic military high school in 1986 he took a position cooking at the Old Faithful lodge in Yellowstone National Park. The hook was set. Soon after his mother purchased an ice cream shop in Jackson Hole and he helped run the shop in the summers while he continued college in pursuit of a Hotel/Restaurant Management degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout . After obtaining his degree he took a job at Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole as a chef of the Rising Sage Cafe in the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

Justin began guiding for the lodge the summer of 1998. He found his true passion. He was able to supplement his new seasonal career with an opportunity to provide Teton Valley, ID with a new restaurant concept called the Warbird’s Cafe located in the Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport. After 5 years of full time restaurant commitment, the river called again. The dream all came to fruition when Marshall Geller asked Justin to take over as General Manager the spring of 2010. An opportunity of a lifetime! Justin looks forward to providing the best guest experience with the finest establishment and staff this area has to offer. He looks forward to meeting all of you.


Chris Heib

Southern CA

My name is Chris Heib. It was always a passion to trout fish with my most wonderful friends and partners in this, the pinnacle of singularly pristine settings , but in my dreams , it could be a career. Twenty years later, I have been blessed to continue teaching the art of fly fishing on the South Fork, to bask in daily astonishment of beauty and changing graces of this river and to still share the journey with my most wonderful friends and partners. This river, these people, changed my life profoundly. It will undoubtedly change yours.

George Zumberge

Southern CA

I was born and raised in Southern California. I grew up surfing skating and fishing saltwater out of Newport Beach California. When I was growing up I would take yearly trips to my Grandfather’s ranch in Swan Valley. I’ve always been amazed by the wild beauty of the river. I moved to the Swan Valley when I was 19 to escape the rat race of living in Southern California. I fell in love with fly fishing the week after I moved and have been “hooked” ever since. I love working in the fly shop almost as much as fishing and being on the water. I am very excited to be guiding this year as well as working in the shop.

George Zumberge Fishing Guide

Heath Grover

Iona, ID

Heath was born and raised in Iona, Id, just a short 25-mile drive from his favorite water in the country. From the early age of 3 he spent his summers exploring the South Fork of the Snake with his father and uncle, and as we have all experienced, from the first fish, he was “hooked”. At age 8 he was put behind the oars and has since spent every waking moment chasing fin on our famed river. With a background in coaching and a deep passion for his work, he is definitely a great match for any angler. From the novice to expert you, his passion for the South Fork and love of fly fishing will undoubtedly bring you back for more.

“As dreams go, I have been blessed to achieve mine. Every day on the water is rejuvenating and educating. Day in and day out this river puts a smile on my face, and gratitude in my heart. There is no better feeling than watching the look on a friend’s face as he lays into that first trout of the day, tip bent and reel singing. Be warned, this river has a way of making everything else in the world disappear, and for a moment, you truly feel like you’ve found heaven on earth.”

Snake river fly fishing guide

Steve Mock

Victor, ID

Steve makes his home just 30 minutes away from The Lodge at Palisades Creek in beautiful Victor, Idaho. His guiding career spans 19 years and dozens of rivers and lakes throughout the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. He sees himself as a Guide, Philospher, and Master Knot Untangling Technician.

When not fishing or guiding Steve enjoys backcountry skiing, drinking cheap red wine, and lying (don’t all fishing guides!)

When fishing with Steve don’t be surprised if he has you tie on a streamer. His favorite tactic is “Stripping Big Junk.”

Snake River Fishing Guide | Steve Mock

Matthew Matkin

Pocatello, ID

Matt grew up in Pocatello, Idaho fishing the Blackfoot and Portneuf rivers. He loves chasing bass on the lower sections of the Snake River. Matt has spent a lot of time guiding anglers in northern Saskatchewan for trophy pike. When he’s not guiding or fishing he enjoys spending time with his family and dogs. His favorite methods for fly fishing are floating big dry flies and stripping streamers.

fly fishing guide Matthew Matkin with a brown trout

Brandon Morrison

Pocatello, ID

Brandon was born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho where he grew up fishing the Main Snake and local reservoirs. When he isn’t fishing you can find him working at Snake River Fly in Pocatello or enjoying family time and his cats. His favorite type of fishing is spot and stalk carp fishing on the section of the Portneuf that runs through “poky”.

brandon morrison carp on the fly