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Here are 5 reasons we love our relationship with Orvis.

 Jaason, Rayna, Larry, Shayde, Tanner, Scott, Chase, and Dan all attended the 2016 Orvis Guide Rendezvous in Missoula Montana.  Orvis hosts the Guide Rendezvous annually where Guides, Outfitters, and Lodges can all learn about new gear, techniques, and industry trends.  It’s a great way to get to know others in the fly fishing biz and oh…it’s a bunch of fun!  Here’s a few reason we love Orvis! – Justin Hays
  1.  Orvis provides a best practice for all guiding situations.  There are a million situations.  Orvis provides a liaison for guides, lodges and outfitters to handle product ordering issues, best practice questions and shared knowledge of how other operators handle issues we all share from negative guest reviews, how to handle pets on property, staffing, social networking, Shoulder season concerns.
  2. Our unique page on the Orvis website is viewed by thousands of people each month.  We receive many reservations inquiries each year as a result of Orvis’ SEO and it helps our website in the eyes of Google algorithms.
  3. We receive favorable discounts on all Orvis products we sell in our fly shop.  Orvis also allows endorsed guides an even better discount on products used in the boat and on the water.  As a result they get direct feedback on the products from guides who use them on a daily basis
  4. Every year Orvis holds a “Orvis Guide Rendezvous”, this is a chance for lodge owners, managers and guides to exchange information on what is and is not working in respect to products, marketing, teaching all things fly fishing.  As a lodge we enjoy meeting fishing managers invited to attend from the over 60 Orvis corporate stores.  Here we introduce the Lodge to Orvis employees who can direct potential guests to a call of action and make a reservation with us.  We offer complimentary trips to store owners and managers and provide a publicity package to those we think could steer guests our way.The rendezvous are also inviting because we get a chance to mingle with the owners, executives, designers, engineers and media professionals all who make themselves very available to help us succeed.
  5. Orvis has a serious vetting program they stick to when endorsing a lodge.  This has phenomenal credibility.  It has helped put guests, looking for what we offer, in touch with us.  The review template on Orvis’ website really helps us continue to gain credibility with potential guests and helps close the deal.
and I could go on……….
Rayna getting in on the ring toss.
Rayna getting in on the ring toss.