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A slow start for dry flies.

Mrs. "Big Fish" Brummell with a nice 20" Brown Trout

I just finished up six days on the river.  Fishing was very good this last week.  There are lots of nymphs getting ready to hatch and the fish are eating Stonefly nymphs, Bead Head Yellow Sally Nymphs, Green Drake nymphs, and the unstoppable San Juan Worm.  Most people come to fish the South Fork for the world famous dry fly fishing, those days aren’t here yet but they are literally days away.  The Bureau of Reclamation plans on dropping the river to 13,000 cfs by this weekend and combined with temperatures well into the 80’s we should see a lot more dry flies over the 4th.

If you are interested in booking a trip or just need some information about the river and the current conditions give us a call 866-393-1316.


Chris ‘Jigidy’ Jensen