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Palisades Reservoir Guided Fishing: An interview with “The Mayor”

The Lodge at Palisades Creek is now offering fishing trips on Palisades Reservoir.  How have we been in operation all these years and not guided on the reservoir?  Well we didn’t know Larry “The Mayor” Perzichilli until now!  We sat down with Larry to pick his brain about fishing and guiding on Palisades Reservoir, how he ended up in Idaho and what it’s like being the Mayor of Irwin Idaho!

Larry guided for many years on the rivers of Northern California after retiring from his “real job” his plan was always to return to Minnesota but on his return trip he decided “Idaho had less mosquitoes and more hunting and fishing”.   He first started coming to the Swan Valley area in 1988 so it was easy to pick a place in Idaho to settle down.

Larry has a new shoulder so rowing and guiding on the river is tough. He decided to buy a pontoon boat and started fishing on the reservoir.  What did he find?  He can catch a lot of fish!  He keeps his tactics pretty secret (you’ll just have to go out and see) but Larry pretty much guarantees fish.  Catching mostly cutthroat and brown trout with the occasional lake trout. Larry guides out of large pontoon boat that’s just two years old and in prestine condition.  With room for up to 5 angler’s this is a great trip for groups, families with kids, or just those looking to try something different.

So how does one become the Mayor of Irwin, Idaho and what’s it like?  Larry replace Rhett Bradford who had been the mayor for 25 years and all he had to say about the work is “It’s a lot harder than it might sound.”

For more information on fishing with “The Mayor” you can visit our rates page.