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Big news at the LODGE!!

Mid December Harvest 0 00 06-11





Hello friends, we are excited to announce the purchase of Blackdog Outfitters.  This will enable us to take our guests fishing on the main Snake River below Menan buttes all the way to Massacre of Rocks State Park near Burley, Idaho. If you want to catch a trophy of a lifetime time you will love the secret water we have fished privately during the  off season.  Tilden Bridge, Project X near Shelly and Firth and the incredible resource below American Falls Reservoir for Sturgeon, Small Mouth Bass, and massive trout are waiting for you.  Even more exciting is the waterfowl hunting permit that comes with this purchase.  We will now be offering our guests an amazing waterfowl hunting experience on the upper South Fork right outside our door step.  For years we have enjoyed this resource after our fishing season.  The photo here shows us after a great field hunt in Swan Valley.  Our new permits will allow us to hunt the river corridor which is a major stopping area for waterfowl migrating south for the winter.  After your hunt,  enjoy world class dining and lodging back at the Lodge.  To make a reservation just call Rayna in our office.  1-866-393-1613.

Fishing is excellent at this moment.  Very little traffic on the river.  river coming up for irrigation.  It is still very clear water.  Midge nymphs and mysis shrimp is the major food source. And eggs.