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Burrr. It’s kinda cold, I’m thinking while Sittin in the dentist chair today. Above me, on the ceiling, is a picture of a drift boat floating in Teton park. Two dudes casting away, having a good old time. The guy in the middle, I strain to see clearly past the fingers and drill. He looks happy too. Is the gas even on? I’ll bet not, just air. They rip ya off that way, I’m sure. Maybe not though. Maybe it’s on to high and I’m trippin out! Maybe the guy in the middle is happy. He looks happy. If I was there, I would be happy. I’m in a dentist chair listening to easy hits and trippin on whether the guy in the middle is happy. Hey! I know that dude! He was a blast our senior year in 1987. All he ever wanted to do is fish and have fun. When he took the apptitude test in high school it said he was best suited as a “fun loving millionaire” or a fishing guide. I wonder what ever happened to that dude? I’ll bet he out grew the fishing thing. Had to, I’ll bet. His wife made him. All those kids and work. There is no way that guy kept fishing and having fun. I’ll bet he went to school and got a job right out of collage like most people. I’m sure he married a strict ( but oddly hot) collage girl. Most likely white coller, government or medical field, I’d bet. Had to move to the mid west and lives in a town of half a million people and commutes. Let’s see, dude is same age as me, He’ll be retiring in 15 years with full bennys. Wish I had bennys like him. I’ll bet his company would pay for all the stuff there doing to me right now. Whats that? Were done, I try to say through the Novicain and the goo goo gas. No say’s the big head with the shinny sharp thing. Is fishing fun? He said. Obviousely noticing my trance on the Teton photo. Ya… I say. I know the guy in the middle of that boat. We went to different schools together. Wow, small world, big head says. Does he still fish? Ya….He never did any thing else.