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COVID 19 Safety Protocol

Below are the measures we are taking to keep guests, guides, and all staff safe this season.  The Governor of Idaho has initiated a 4 stage plan called Rebound Idaho.  We will be updating this page and our safety protocols that are in place as Idaho moves through this plan.

As of May 19th Bonneville County, Idaho is reporting a total of 26 cases and 25 have recovered from symptoms.

Guest Travel(Arrival/departure)

  • TLAPC staff will communicate with guests during check in to understand their level of sensitivity.  
  • Guests are asked to please let staff know if they have underlying conditions or concerns that require us to be extra sensitive.
  • Guests could wear PPE (Masks) when traveling(Airlines).

Guest Dining (On-Site Conduct)

  • All dining tables will be set more than 6 feet apart.
  • We suggest guests practice social distancing while in community areas such as the Lodge, Liar’s Den, and the Fly Shop.
  • Guests that choose to eat in the lodge could wear PPE when closer than 6 feet to others, not while dining.
  • An infrared thermometer is available for voluntary temp testing (1 in the dining room). Staff will not perform testing on the guests. 
  • Lodge staff is wearing masks and gloves when serving and clearing tables

Outfitting(River Conduct)

  • An infrared thermometer will be available in the fly shop for voluntary use. 
  • The fly shop will have a maximum of 6 people inside at one time. Please practice social distancing in the fly shop.
  • Guides will meet their guests at the fly shop in the morning to discuss the plan and depart. Everyone could wear masks in their guide’s vehicle to and from the river.
  • Guides and guests could wear PPE at boat ramps and while fishing to protect themselves, and the community.  This is at the discretion of the guide and guests.
  • Guides may remove their rear casting brace from the boat to make it possible for more social distance in the boat.
  • Day trip guests may meet their guide at an agreed-upon boat ramp.

The Lodge is looking forward to your visit. We can offer all guests an experience that fits their level of concern.  Please reach out to us before you arrive if you feel compelled.