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Current Snowpack Data

Experienced South Fork anglers know that the quantity of snow during the winter has a huge affect on the fishing for the summer.  One of these experienced anglers..Gig Brummell (long time lodge guest and friend)…sent me an email asking about our snowpack.  What a great idea for the blog.  Thanks Gig.

Currently we are 97% of average and it just happens to be snowing right now.   It looks like we are set up for a perfect season with an average snowpack (typically about 500″ at Grand Targhee ski area) and reservoirs that are sure to fill to 100% during Spring run off.  Palisades reservoir is 73%, Jackson Lake is 76% and American Falls is 95%.

Look for the reservoirs to be full sometime in June and gradually start dropping as irrigation demand starts.  It looks like there will be plenty of clean cold water this summer and there is nothing better for fishing than that.

Here is the link to the reservoir levels:


and to snowpack information by drainage:


Here’s some picture of what some of the guide’s like to do on the snow pack.

Thanks for reading,

Chris”Jigidy” Jensen