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Discount on guided fishing trips

OOOH Boy,  here is THE deal.  After talking with the guides and doing a bit of field research, we have decided to offer our own incentive package.  This will be printed in a few local publications, here on our blog,  as well as our new website.

From now until June 1rst, 2010, or if/when the river blows out.  The Lodge at Palisades Creek will be offering guided trips on the South Fork of the Snake River to include lunch and shuttles for $395.00.  That is $100.00 off our normal rates.  The guides are chomping at the bit to work and the fishing is outstanding.  Many of us are looking forward to the Rainbow Tournament this weekend and we will post a report as soon as it is over.  Don’t forget, TLAPC guides fish the south fork for a living, period.  We have the most experienced, professional, and courteous staff out there.   This is a limited time offer and you will be assured an incredible experience with our top guides.  If you have been with a guide you enjoyed before, call us and request them if  you’d like, or try someone new for a different perspective!  The Lodge’s toll free number is 1-866-393-1613.  Rayna and I are standing by.  Talk to you soon.

I almost forgot.  Go to our website, tlapc.com, and sign up for our automatic E newsletter.  I will be shooting these out starting next week.    Help us out by updating your Email address and we will keep you in the exciting loop of  TLAPC.  The water flows are really shaping up for an awesome year, especially early!!  Father’s day anyone?  If you have a large enough group we would consider opening for Memorial Day weekend.   HMMM, give us a call, let’s chat.