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Fall is here! Trout are hungry before winter.

It is October 10th, 2016. The water flows are dropping to conserve what remains in Palisades Reservoir. Currently 31% full, flowing at 6250 c.f.s. Flows will drop by the end of this month to winter flow levels, 900 c.f.s. A little low, a little early but the fishing is sure to be great. It gets really really good this low this early, this could be special!!!!! Our weather is very mild with temperatures in the mid 70’s. Mornings are still chilly in the mid 40’s but that soon heats up. With lower flows expected soon it will be even easier to target fish as they will move into the deeper holes and runs eating nymphs and moving to banks for feeding on blue winged olives during day time hatching. A hatch we have not seen much of since they tend to like cooler wetter conditions. The dry fly action has been terrific with p.m.d.’s still hatching and hopper patterns are also still effective. The brown trout are starting to stage their spawn. Get ready for some amazing trophy sized trout. We love posting these jaw dropping pics! Make the call and get here! Cast and blast starts this coming Saturday. We are seeing many local birds with record numbers of migratory birds on the way. We will be offering waterfowl hunting trips into December. The lodge itself may close around thanksgiving. Still plenty of time to get some epic fishing in. Call Rayna at 1-866-393-1613!!