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Fishing Report for The South Fork of The Snake and Snake River 2/25/2021

Alright!  Our fishing report of 2021, a bit of mid-winter update from your friends here at TLAPC.

We’ll be chatting today about the South Fork and the Main Snake River below American Falls.

South Fork of the Snake

The flow out of Palisades Reservoir has been a steady 900 cfs since November.  At this flow there is ample opportunity for wade fishing.  You can pick your favorite boat ramp or access point and walk/wade nearly anywhere you’d like to go.  For anglers who’ve only visited the South Fork in the summer it’s hard to imagine that in many places you can safely wade across the entire river.

Focus your fishing efforts in deep slow pools and pay special attention to deep, slow, back eddy’s where it’s likely to find fish willing to eat streamers, nymphs, and dry flies.  As winter loosens its grip we are sure to see some sunny days that get above freezing.  This time of year the warm(er) air will bring off midges and the fish will eat them in all their forms.  Have fun and be safe!

Snake River Below American Falls

Most of our guided day trips this time of year take place on the Snake River below American Falls Reservoir.  The weather is warmer, there are trophy trout to be had, and the boat ramps are snow-free.  I talked with Tanner Lewis today as he was headed to the river.  Tanner guides on the South Fork most of the summer but spends the winter and spring chasing big trout on Main Snake.  Tanner has been guiding primarily walk and wade trips as the water is still too low to float anywhere except right below the dam.  The fishing has been good with double nymph rigs with fish being taken on a variety of midge and caddis patterns as well as leech imitations.  If you’re interested in sneaking away to chase a trophy with Tanner you can learn more here, email us, or call 208.483.2222

Thank you for checking in on our fishing report, we’ll update the report as needed and return to weekly reports in May.