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Fishing report from Friday March 20th 2009

Looks like Spring Fever is getting the better of all of us.  Friday was sunny and getting near 60 degrees, I met my buddy Drake and his friend Cody and we decided to fish the Canyon to avoid any people.  This time of year with the flow so low and with Cottonwood road closed it is very difficult to float the canyon as it takes forever to float 26 miles at 900 cfs.  So we borrowed my Dad’s little jet boat aka “The Punisher” and launched at Conant.

It is surreal to fish the Canyon at 900 cfs, places where you normally catch fish are 6 0r 7 feet out of the water and places where you normally can’t even hold your boat now offer pleasant wading.  It’s like exploring a whole new river that looks vaguely familiar.

We primarily fished streamers in the deep slow pools and had great success catching between 20-25  fish for the day.  We caught several browns, cutts, and rainbows the largest being a 19″ cutthroat that ate a streamer off the cliffs!  Most of the fish were about 14″.  We tried nymphing several riffles but only ended up with one whitefish for our efforts.  We did see a few fish working midges on the surface, but there was never enough activity to warrant switching to dries.  The olive “Motor Oil” Wooly Bugger was our best fly of the day.

Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget about the “Trout Stimulus Package”…$100 off our normal rate from now until June 1st!  Call 208-483-2222 to book your trip.