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Fishing Report July, 6th 2017

Snake River Fishing Report

How did the 4th of July come and go already?   We hope you got a chance to wet a line during the holiday. We’ve had lots of guides out on the river this week and they are bringing happy guests back to the lodge at days end.  While the fishing is still a bit atypical for July we are catching plenty of fish and they have moved into more of their usual haunts.

The water is slowly clearing with visibility now around a foot maybe a bit more.  The focus is still fishing nymphs in slower moving water.  Look for structure; shelves, drop offs, and riffles are all holding fish. Some banks are fishing well as long as you stay on the slower moving edges and keep your flies in very close to the bank.

Go to flies this week represent golden stones, yellow sallies, and pale morning duns (PMD’s).  Fishing a size 6 or 8 brown cheater belly stone with a bead head to represent a PMD or Sally is a no-brainer and will produce fish.  Don’t be afraid to try a san juan worm as a trailer fly as well.  There are still lots of golden stones on the water and the daily hatch of PMD’s moves fish up into the riffles.

Keep your eyes peeled for rising trout as it’s only a matter of time before the water clears enough for fish to start feeding on top.

If you need flies, a fishing license, or looking to hire a guide, come see us or give us a call.  208.483.2222