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High Water Father’s Day

My Dad and I got out to do a little fishing on Father’s Day on the South Fork.  With the high water (20,000 cfs by mid-day Sunday) we weren’t expecting much and we were working on a limited time frame so the South Fork was pretty much our only option.  While doing ‘yard’ work in the morning we managed to land two fish right behind the cabin so we knew it was possible to catch some fish.  Our friend Luke joined us for the quick afternoon trip.  We fished some of my favorite spots around the falls on the ‘upper’ .  Luke caught two nice rainbows on a streamer before I even had a fly on my rod, and we managed to catch 5 or 6 more on nymphs plus the token whitefishies, while dodging the seemingly ever present thunder showers.  Which by the way are supposed to be done this week!  Come on sunshine!

All in all the fishing is not bad right now all things considered, the fish are in their usual spots…riffles, hiding behind logs, etc.  And seem willing to eat well placed nymphs and streamers.   With the reservoir officially at 100% capacity we are at the mercy of the inflows but hopefully those will be dropping in the next several days.  As flows drop and the water warms…the big bugs…aka Salmon Flies should start appearing on the lower river.

Stay tuned.