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How it goes with the flows

Here is how it goes with our river flows.  The river continues to fluctuate.  We are steady for the third day in a row at 16,300 cfs.  The river is clear.  Repeat, the river is clear.  This has allowed for great fishing.  We remember in the past that these flows can result in large fish on the line.  The reservoir system is at capacity.  We are still at the mercy of run off from the Yellowstone area.  We are not dry fly fishing,….. yet.   We are hours away, literally a few days.  Nymphing with stonefly’s and small golden stone patterns has been effective.  We are putting 6 to 10 boats out a day.  Most heading down to the lower parts of the river.  The best hatch is the mosquito.  Still cool mornings and chance of showers is our weather pattern.  The general feeling is that the Salmonfly hatch should still be substantial.  When is the question.  A 56 degree water temperatures is the answer.  Warmest reading so far is 48 in the lower stretches.