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Intrepid Anglers

With flows at 23,000 cfs coming out of Palisades Dam most outfitters have reported that the river is not fishing at all and conditions are “unsafe.”  But I remember flows in the 30,000 range in 1997 and happily guiding at 20,000 cfs so when John Rosser and Steve Beck showed up at the lodge for a few days of fishing I was happy to see what the river would have to offer.  Nobody had been out on the river since the flows went up so team Rosser was prepared for a “scenic” float through the canyon.  But low and behold…find a fishy looking spot…make a good cast…catch a fish!  We enjoyed a couple of good days on the water catching all our fish on nyphms but enjoying having the river all to ourselves!

When Gig Brummell heard that the fishing was actually pretty good he and his wife Jean along with their son Craig and a group of friends all decided to keep their dates and come on up.  They scored as well, keeping their nypmhs in the fishy water payed off with some big browns, lots for rainbows, a smattering of cutthroat and at time a few too many whitefish.  Each day the fishing improves and we have even managed to catch a couple fish on sallies and golden stones.

Flows have been stable now for nearly a week and we are anticipating the flows to start dropping quite dramatically any day now.  There have been good numbers of Sallies, PMD’s, Golden Stones, and even a few Salmon Flies flies flying around.  As flows drop the river should “Go Off!”

Stay tuned…enjoy the pictures.