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Justin Hays and buddy Brad Sutton got em!

So it was close to 60 degrees outside,  my snowmachine just came back from the dealer after dual piston replacement, warrantied.  I am ready for summer and fishing.  So Brad calls me the night before and says “Be ready”!.  Man was I ever.  Got up at 6 am.  expected to hear from Brad around 7.  No call. 7:30, no call.  8:00, nuthin.  So I called him.  Hurtin from poker the night before.  So we finally get going.  Put in at Irwin, watched a Jackson, Wy. guy make a 36 point turn in the small turn around still full of snow, then back ALL the way down into the exposed river bed.  Dangerous because he slid down the slippery dirt ramp, then backed into the river rock which can easily displace and leave you axle deep in helmet sized round boulders.  He made it out.  Brad and i put in and started drifting to get ahead of the FOUR boats we could see downstream, and the TWO putting in behind us.   So some other folks had a great idea as well.  Then appears a guy wade fishing near some private access.  It was Tim Warren.  I’ll miss Tim this year he moved to World Cast, more days, i guess.  He said “The river is on fire!”  He yelled across the river to try a “size 20 or 22 silver nymph”.  We both know Tim.  We put on a size 16 black and yellow nymph.  Dropped it with a 18 flashback pheasant tail, yo bangy style and the fishing was on!  Along with almost Ten other boats we managed to have a great day.  Caught almost 15 fish and even a trout or two.  I think it was two, rainbow.  One is in my freezer, I really want to smoke the rainbows this year.  Place funny coments here.  Only saw a few bent rods, mostly from other guides on the river.  No one was working,  just sniffing it all out.  Some fishing solo out of the boat.  Water was low(968 cfs, i think) and 42 degrees, chilly.  Midges were skimming the surface but no substatial hatch, on the suface.  Certainly saw lots of subsurface activity.  This is my first blog.  I will submit more after i start drinking in the afternoon.