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Late Winter R&D

Pat and I floated from Irwin to Conant today. Putting in at the Irwin Slide is a piece of cake with a good coating of snow the boat slid right in.  No sign of the elusive Skawala stone.

We fished a combination of nymphs and streamers and neither were very consistent, but we managed to land half a dozen trout apiece with a smattering of whitefish as well. We did find a couple of fish eating midges on the surface but never enough to warrant switching flies, but if one were so inclined you could definitely catch some fish on dries.

It was great to be back out rowing, casting, and feeling the tug on the end of your line. The river is mellow this time of year, low flows, no crowds, and enough fish feeding to keep any angler happy.

Here are a couple pictures from our day. See you out there,