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A gracious thanks goes out to all our esteemed flyfishing guests and partners from the staff of the Lodge at Palisades Creek. We could not have done it without you!  What started out as a dramatically slow season, turned out to be a terrific fishing year.  Being a month or so behind, the South Fork is still fishing unseasonally well.  Typical late-November flows at 2,000 cfs have been replacd with 3,500 levels this year and spawning browns have begun to reign the day. Egg patterns and streamers are fooling dressed up brownies as well as  rainbows and cutts positoned to capatalize on protien rich meals preceeding a long winter which has already hit the area with temps in the low teens.  Unfortunately, as every angler on the South Fork knows, every wonderful season comes to an end but ushers in fond thoughts of the next.

The Lodge at Palisades Creek is proud to be opening for the 2012 season on June 1st for public dining, guest reservations and flyfishing accomodations. Keep in mind that weather permitting, this date could be earlier.  To all that have not, please sign up for our latest newsletter and also take advantage of our discounted rates for June and July 2012, positoned  to be one of those stellar seasons which historically follows high water years! Our website has every bit of information you may need from concise reports to immediate booking information and is also undergoing many exciting updates so be sure to stay tuned!