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Moist here

Umm, I just got up and looked outside, it’s moist here.   The yard was almost void of snow yesterday.  It has a four inch layer now.   We are still slightly over 100% snow pack.  Moisture levels are higher than last year.  I was snowmobiling weekend before last, there is a lot of snow still.  The reservoir is 69% this morning, it was 74% yesterday.  They seem to be emptying the res.  Flows this am are at 12,700 cfs.  Summer flows.  This may be part of the rainbow “blow out” they have been doing but it seems a little early.  Brad heard from the hotline it was going up 3,000 tonight.  He  is on his way over to fish below the dam for a couple hours.  The thought is maybe there are more shrimp coming through which means snack time for trouts.  We’ll see and let you know. 

All this is an attempt to get the flows stabalized and consistent for the summer.  Great for farmers, even better for fishermen.  This will be an awesome year!!!   Big fish can be expected. 

Hey, is this a blog or fishing report site?  I’ve got a lot on my mind.  Should I get my own site for random acts of thought, or are people interested here.  Like, I went steelhead fishing near Challis last week.  I could write a book on those two days.  It would be titled “Harvesting from the Ghetto” or “Smoking cigarettes and fishing, when they go together” or “Why I have an infection from steelhead fishing”

I dunno, sun’s popping out, girlfriend wants help moving, mom wants me to come home, I need to paint the inside of my garage.  I’m gonna go fishing with Brad, below the dam, in the boat, with Micey shrimp on 3x and a 12 foot leader, sitting next to a cooler with beer in it.  Please don’t tell my mom or girlfriend, they really think I am busy, too busy to even answer the phone.  Am I the only one who does this?  At least I will have my taxes done on time, and sent first thing tomorrow morning.

 I could also blog about the Bahamas bonefishing if you wanted to hear.  It was Jenn”d 33rd birthday, and the people we were with made us drink too much. Sorta.