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New “Office” Equipment

I think most guides would admit that they are gear junkies when it comes down to it, and I might be worse than most.  Heck, last year I built my own roof mounted fly rod carrier.  But each year it is always nice to get something new for my boat aka “my office”.  Last year I got a new high-backed rowing seat so I too can sit back and relax at lunch.  Some years it’s just a new cooler and if your lucky some years it’s a whole new boat.

This year I have upgraded my oars!  I just purchased a pair of Shallow Draft Diamond Oars from Royce Klingler at Premiere Fly Fishing in Ashton, Idaho.  Royce is an Orvis Endorsed Guide, Fly Shop Owner, Driftboat Manufacturer, and custom Oar manufacturer.  He has some really great ideas when it comes to the professional guide/angler and their equipment.  Someday I would love to own one of his boats as well.

These oars are light, fast, and sexy.  The diamond shape allows more of the blade to be in the water when rowing through extremely shallow water.  It just made sense to me if you have a boat that can go in just a few inches of water, shouldn’t you have an oar that can do the same!

Here are some pics of them and  link to Royce’s site if you want to check out his boats and oars.


Chris Jensen