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New water to hunt and fish at The Lodge at Palisades Creek

Mid December Harvest 0 00 06-11Greetings fellow outdoors men,

On August 1st, 2013 the Lodge completed it’s acqusition of Blackdog Outfitters.  This is great news for all of our guests as it allows us more fishing opportunities for even larger fish.  We will also be able to waterfowl hunt(ducks & geese) on our home water on the upper section of the South Fork and in the canyon as well.  Waterfowl season is scheduled to open at sunrise on Saturday, October 12, 2013 and close Jan 24th, 2014.  The lodge and its cabin’s and services will remain open as long as demand requires.  We are planning on being here until December.

We are now licensed to guide fishing trips with jet boats or drift boats from the confluence of the Henry’s Fork with the South Fork down stream apporxiamately 100 miles to Massacre of Rocks State Park.  This meeting of rivers occurs near the Menan boat ramp.  The new water is divided into three sections, SN1, SN2 and SN3.

SN1, is the section from the confluence of the Henry’s and the South Fork to Gem State Power plant in downtown Idaho Falls.  We are still waiting for the licensing procedure to complete its course through the BLM to fish the upper half of this section.  The second half of SN1 is slow water with many “lake” like peices of water.  We will focus on the lower sections (SN2 &SN3) in the near future.

SN2, feaures the area many of the guides fish during their off season.  Project X, has been the reference term for the second section which starts at Gem State Power Plant to American Falls Reservoir.  Project X includes Gem State Power Plant to Shelley,  Shelley to Firth, and the Firth to Rose section.  Outfitting occurs in both jet and drift boats.  We focus on this area in October and November when the brown trout begin to spawn.  This is mainly streamer water at this time of year and yields violent strikes from large hook jawed trout.  The chance of hooking into a trophy trout(22+ inches) with incredible spawning colors is very possible.  This area also includes Tilden Bridge and the spring creeks in the main river.  During low water years, we see massive trout move out of American Falls Reservoir up stream to the cool waters of the spring creeks.  There are four target areas for truly trophy sized trout.  Outfitting is done with 17 foot Jon boats with outboard jet engines on the back.  This is for the seasoned angler who is looking for the fish of a lifetime.

SN3, is the section of  water beneath American Falls Reservoir downstream to Massacre of Rocks State Park.  This is an incredible unknown fishery in the state of Idaho and in fact the entire United States.  The diversity of species makes this most appealing.  Below the reservoir it is possible to catch smallmouth bass, all species of trout, huge carp and sturgeon.  We use the legendary guide Larry Larson who lives in Pocatello for outfitting the main Snake as well as our local boys who have spent many days off searching for their trophy.

Waterfowl Hunting takes place on the south shore of Palisades Reservoir and on the South Fork of the Snake river from Palisades Dam to Clark Hill, which is down in the canyon section.  Waterfowl hunting at this point can only be conducted on National Forest lands.  We will have blinds set up at strategic points on the river and the guides will have decoy’s, retreiving dogs and duck and goose calls to bring the birds in.  We may use drift bhoats or jet boats to conduct this activity.  Steel shot is required and the limit on mallard’s is 6 bird’s only two can be hen’s.  Canadian geese limit is 4 bird’s.  After you shoot your limit you may call it a day or go back out with drift boats and fish with a guide.

Call us for rates and to book a trip. 1-866-393-1613