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Room for Run-off

The river has changed dramatically in the last few days.  I will let the graph speak for itself…

Lots of Water!

It is very rare to see an increase in flows this dramatic.  The B.O.R. thought they had enough capacity in Palisades reservoir to “catch” the snow melt but with all the rain we have been having that turned out not to be the case and all that water had to go somewhere.

We have had several boats out on the river this week and while the fishing has slowed due to the increase in flows we are still catching fish on a variety of nymphs especially several special San Juan worm patterns that the guides have been tying each night.

It seems that the rains might be diminishing in the forecast and with that the flows should start to come back down to irrigation demand levels, but it could be several weeks before we start to see any dry fly fishing.

Here are a few pics of the “Texas Boyz” who braved the rain and high water to show us how it is done.

First fish of the trip!
Ok, now you are just showing off.

Way to go Colton!