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September fishing is great

Here we are almost half way through the month and fishing is great.  The flows from Palisades Dam are staedy at 8,000 cfs.  Cool evenings are helping with a perfect water temperature.  Mornings are Stone fly time.  We are seeing many shucks from the nymphs hatching through the night on the rocks along the bank.  This means if your the first boat down the river, which can be a huge advatage, throw tight to the bank then skitter the bug back to the boat.   Afternoons are producing a pmd hatch and evenings are throwing up a massive dark bodied caddis hatch.  We are still using the old dry and dropper set up through out the day.  We like lightning bugs around here as our dropper.  The hopper hatch has not come to fruition at this point, kinda strange.  One last tid bit,……..If we get another cold snap like last Thursday and Friday the 7th and 8th, and there is cloudy or stormy weather, go fishing.  Across the board, anyone who was on the river last week, on those days, saw magic occur.  The entire system went berzerk and the fishing was totally off the charts.  Remember there is no such thing as bad weather,  just bad clothes.  Get out there,  let us show you.  Call the Lodge for discounted rates on lodging and fishing through the rest of this month.