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Snake River Fishing Report August 10th, 2017

Chase Hines big rainbow trout

If you’re craving some good news regarding the fishing on the South Fork, this report is for you.  While our guides and guests have been fishing and catching fish on dry flies for a few weeks now, this week things got GOOD.

This week we’ve been fishing PMD’s, Hoppers, and Golden Stones, a much more typical fly selection, like we’re used to!  Several clients were even able to fish single dry flies all day.  While all sections are much improved this week the water clarity and fishing are particularly good on the lower river.

With Palisades Reservoir still at 98% capacity, we are looking at plenty of cold, clear water for the remainder of the summer.  Fishing is good and should stay good..YES!

If you’re in need of flies, tippet, licenses, shuttles or need a guide come by the shop or give us a call 208.483.2222.