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Snake River Fishing Report August 17th, 2017

South Fork Guide Jaason Pruett with Cutthrout Trout

Raise your hand if you’d much prefer to be on the river during the Eclipse than anywhere else?  If you don’t get a chance to be on the water we’ll be sure to report next week on anything cool that happens on the river.  Will more bugs hatch? Will the fish start feeding like crazy?  Will it just scare our guides and they cower under their rower’s seats?

Looking at our webcam and watching boats go by really makes me wish I was on the river right now instead of sitting at my desk.  Fishing has been excellent this week and it seems just as our moon and sun are about to align over Idaho so have the fish, bugs, and river.

Water clarity can finally be called good, the flows have been stable for weeks now and while we haven’t seen huge hatches of bugs we have seen hatches daily and when the bugs are out the fish are on them big time.  You may have to bide your time before and after hatches by fishing nymph rigs or streamers but these methods have been working as well.

For flies, we’re back to really standard South Fork fare.  Fish a mutant golden stone or hopper with a dropper along your favorite banks, foam lines and drop offs.  Have a good selection of PMD’s, PMD emergers and other “riffle candy” for your favorite mid day riffles.  If the fish aren’t looking up, a rubber legs with a bead head dropper is a stand by, as are streamers fished close to the bank and under cover.

If you need flies, gear, or one of the finest guides on the river come by the shop or give us a call.  208.483.222 Enjoy the eclipse and be safe!