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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 10/26/2023

Anglers in Drift Boat on the South Fork of the Snake.

Today’s fishing report is our last regularly scheduled report of the year. Thanks for hanging in there with us all season! Hopefully, our weekly fishing reports helped you catch more fish and enjoy your time on the water.  If there are any drastic changes in the fishing as we move through winter we’ll post it here. While the lodge and dining room are closed, we have guides available for day trips, just give us a call and we can arrange a great day on the river for you.  208.483.2222.  Our Swan Valley Fly Shop will remain open on a modified schedule all winter. Follow the Fly Shop’s Instagram for updates and online specials.  In fact, we’ve got a pretty sweet fly sale happening right now.

Winter rolled in today with well over a foot of snow falling in the nearby Tetons and some flakes flying around Swan Valley.  The weather this weekend is looking better but quite cold with the high on Saturday forecasted to be 38 and 40 on Sunday.  The flows dropped to 1,800 cfs and it will be dropped to 900 by November 1st.  This would be a great weekend to get a float in before they drop it to 900.

The fish are moving to their winter-holding positions in the deeper slow-moving holes.  Focus your fishing efforts on these drop-offs, foam lines and anywhere the fish have access to deep water.  The Brown Trout are getting ready for their Fall spawn and throwing streamers to these aggressive fish is the highlight of the year for many anglers.  It’s a great time of year to have multiple rods rigged; streamer rod, double nymph rod, and small dry fly rod.

The top nymphs this week were a size 6 or 8 Brown Rubber Legs trailed by a size 16 or 18 Olive Perdigon Jig.  In the afternoon look for Blue Winged Olives to be hatching as well as midges.  A size 16 or 18 Griffiths Gnat is a great imitation for both.

Remember if you’re floating your floats will take a lot longer than they do in the summer.  With all the great wade fishing options you might just leave the boat at home or plan a short float.

Have a great weekend and winter ahead!

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