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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 10/29/2020

snake river trophy trout - josh heileson

Thank you for checking in on our fishing report.  This will our last “regularly scheduled” Thursday afternoon fishing report for 2020. We’ll continue to update this report as conditions change through the winter and resume regular fishing reports in the spring.

That’s the bad news, the good news is we’ve got a heck of a weekend shaping up both on the South Fork and the Main Snake.

River Flow: Outflow from Palisades Dam dropped to 1,200cfs which is pretty close to what we’ll probably see all winter.  This opens up all kinds of great wade fishing as in some spots you can literally wade across the entire river if you’re careful.  In fact, wade fishing might be the best option as float fishing takes forever at this flow, but is doable as long as you plan accordingly.

Weather: The forecast for Irwin tomorrow is a high of 60 degrees, that means one thing for the weekend, go fishing!  There won’t be very many if any more weekends like this one.

Fishing: The drop in flows will force the fish to “pod up” for the winter.  Focus your efforts on the deep runs.  If you’re floating there will long sections of mostly unproductive water that is shallow and fast and won’t hold as many fish as the deeper pools.  A two nymph set up run through the deep pools, drop-offs, and foam lines will be productive.  Midge and Blue Winged Olive patterns in both bead head and soft hackle varieties will work well as will small rubber legs.  Later in the day keep your eyes peeled for trout feeding on adult midges and BWO’s.  Fishing a size 16 – 20 Griffith’s Gnat trailed by a small BWO emerger such as a WD-40 will get em.  Streamer fishing might not be as productive in the bright sun forecast for this weekend but I’d keep one handy anyway for aggressive Brown Trout, shady banks and the early afternoon light.

Main Snake River: As the water cools below American Falls we are seeing excellent fishing on the Main Snake River.  Several of our guides have already “made the move” from the South Fork to the Snake to chase trophy fish this winter.  Temperatures are milder near Pocatello during the winter making this a stellar option.  We are offering both walk and wade as well as drift boat fly fishing trips all winter.

Hunting: Our guides continue to scout for the best hunting grounds and we’ve had some great river and field hunts. Give us a call if you’d like to come out with us.

The lodge is now closed for the winter.  Please give us a call if you need anything 208.483.2222.