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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 3/30/20

Our typical fishing report in Spring would hopefully involve a discussion about 19″ Cutthroat and not Covid 19, but this is not a typical Spring.  So, this is not your typical fishing report but we wanted to provide you with an update of what is happening currently here in Swan Valley.

Our lodge manager, Justin Hays, fished “the riffle” behind the lodge on Sunday.  He reports a great hatch of small black stoneflies (size 18) and found Cutthroat staging to head up tributaries with Rainbow trout lurking behind them.

The river remains open to fishing but please be considerate of shuttle drivers, public restrooms, social distancing and respect everyone’s desire to stay safe.

If you are driving more than 45 minutes to fish, consider your impact in potentially spreading the Corona virus.  As mentioned above the river is dotted with other people who are concerned about your visit to their communities.  You may be carrying without symptoms.  Be respectful, please.  Bring everything you need, especially a license as shops are closed.