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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 4/28/22

justin hays sturgeon

The flows out of Palisades Reservoir have risen to 3,500 cfs.  Expect flows to remain below average as water managers increase storage in Palisades for the summer irrigation season.  The historical average flow for this date is 7,000 cfs.  The cold wet weather we’ve been having is forecast to continue through the weekend and beyond.  This precip will continue to build the high elevation snowpack, which is great news.

A variety of fishing tactics could be effective this weekend.

Nymphs: Always the safest bet this time of year is a double nymph rig under an indicator with midge, stonefly, egg, and worm imitations.  Swing by the shop in Swan Valley to see the nasty bugs.

Streamers:  Deep and slow presentations work best this time of year.  Focus streamer efforts on slow water, back eddies, and even “frog water” that isn’t moving at all.  I’m usually the weird guy with his driftboat way up some back slough.  Looks like I’m fishing for Bass but you’ll find a fish or two lurking in these areas.

Dry Flies:  Don’t be surprised if you see fish feeding on midges when conditions are right (no wind, foam, calm water, etc.).   You may also come across small winter stoneflies if you’re lucky and observant.

Most of our guided fishing trips are taking place on the Main Stem of the Snake near Pocatello where the water is warmer and the fish are more active.  Check out our manager Justin with a sturgeon!

If you have any questions about fishing, guided trips, or lodging please don’t hesitate to call or email us.  208.483.2222 or [email protected]

Have a great weekend and we’ll be here next Thursday for another report.