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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 4/6/2023

Hey did anyone else notice the bright orb in the sky today?  It’s been a while since the sun has been out in force and while temperatures are still well below normal it sure feels good.  Kind of makes you want to go fishing right?  The weekend forecast is looking pretty good with temps rising from 49 on Friday to 54 Sunday and if you can swing it 63 on Monday.  The water is really cold but I would imagine the warmish temperatures will get more Trout and bugs moving.

Fish will still be in “winter mode” holding in slower water.  Focus your efforts on deep slow holes, eddies, and foam lines.  Midges are on the menu and possibly a few winter stoneflies.  Nymphing with small Rubberlegs, Zebra Midges, and San Juan Worms would be a good place to start.  Streamers are always an option as well fished deep and slow.

Wade fishing options are abundant and more and more boat ramps are opening up if you’re creative and good with a rope. Right now the following ramps are accessible but snow-covered; Dam, Irwin Slide, Spring Creek Bridge, Wolf, Byington, Lorenzo, and Menan.  We highly recommend inspecting your takeout before launching your boat.

Our Swan Valley Fly Shop is now open Monday – Thursday from 10AM – 3PM and Friday – Sunday 9:00AM – 3PM.  Please give us a call if we can help with anything over the phone. 208.483.2727

Happy Fishing

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