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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 5/17/22

south fork fishing report

Note that today’s fishing report is being written on Tuesday instead of our regular day, Thursday. I’ll be out of town the rest of this week. Thanks for reading.

Wow, did we go from winter to spring quickly! Saturday was cool and cloudy and then snap, it actually feels like May.  With the warm weather came an increase in flows.  The flow out of Palisades reservoir is up to about 9,900 cfs this week.  The warm weather and the increase in the water (cold) are at odds with each other right now, for the anglers that means sticking to the status quo, nymphs and streamers remain the go-to tactics to catch fish until we see water temps hitting the mid 50’s generally in around a month.  That being said the increase in flows does get the fish feeding a lot more actively than they were just a few weeks back.  In a perfect scenario, I would have 3 rods rigged up and ready.

Rod 1 – 9ft 5 or 6wt with a big double nymph set up, your biggest ugliest stonefly nymph trailed by your biggest ugliest san juan worm pattern or egg pattern.

Rod 2 – 9 ft 5wt also with two nymphs, but this rod rigged to be a bit more tactical with small blue-winged olives and midge patterns.

Rod 3 – 9 ft 6 or 7 wt for streamers.

The flow bumping up will mean an increase in fish eating worms and rubberlegs, the big nymph rod will be your go-to most of the time on fast banks, riffles, drop offs etc. Keep in mind with the Rainbows spawning right now there are a lot of fish looking for eggs as well. Keep the small nymph rod handy for foam lines, slow eddies, riffles etc.  The streamer rod can be fished when you’re looking to cover water or you’re just trying to find that one big hungry fish.

If you need any flies, licenses, or advice on when and where to float give our fly shop in Swan Valley a call at  208-483-2727 or come visit we are currently open 9 to 3 7 days a week.

Thank you for reading this week’s report and best of luck if you’re fishing this weekend.

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