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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 5/28/30

Thank you for checking in on this week’s fishing report!  Wow, what a beautiful day, and the weekend ahead is looking amazing.  If you’re thinking about fishing or visiting with us here at the lodge we want to let you know that we are willing to cater to every guest’s level of sensitivity as it pertains to Covid-19.  We continue to provide safe lodging, dining, and fishing opportunities for all our guests.

Now on to this week’s report. Flows were bumped up yesterday from 11,500 cfs to about 13, 700 cfs this didn’t seem to affect the fishing.  The fishing has been great this week with most fish being caught in riffles, drop-offs, and ledges on bug stonefly nymphs, worms, and Baetis nymphs.  There are quite a few Baetis (blue-winged olives) mayflies hatching, the fish don’t seem to be eating the dry flies but fishing Baetis nymphs has been very effective especially on the upper river (Dam-Conant).

Baetis nymphs work best in riffles and foam lines which leaves the banks open for larger nymphs and streamers.  With the sun out, focus your streamer efforts on shady banks or target fish holding under bushes or undercut banks and cliffs.  Keep up the nymph and streamer game for a few more weeks and sometime around mid to late June, we should see some dry flies start on the lower river.  Who’s excited?

Our fly shop is open daily 8-5.  If you have questions about fishing, lodging, shuttles, licenses, flies please give our fly shop a call at 208.483.2222.

Have fun fishing!