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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 5/9/2019

female angler with rainbow trout - south fork of the snake

Is this a repeat from last weekend with the added benefit that the water is even lower than last week? Can your yard wait another week? Now I know why my Grandpa wanted to pour concrete all around his house and paint it green…no yard work, more fishing!

Flows are down to 12,000 cfs from 14,000 last week. This is a great flow for this time of year. The water has turned a bit green but this hasn’t slowed the fishing at all, in fact with water and air temps warming a bit we are starting to say more nymphs getting active and fishing getting better daily.

In addition to the standard flies for this time of year (think eggs, san juan worms, and stonefly nymphs) our guides are catching more fish on traditional mayfly nymph and midge imitations such as tungsten thread midges, flashback pheasant tails and jig head soft hackle patterns. While nymphing remains the name of the game streamers continue to produce for anglers willing to put in the effort.

Two more quick items for this week’s report. First, if you’re going to be out and about on the South Fork in the coming weeks the Idaho Fish & Game are conduction electo-fishing to remove rainbows from the river. It would be wise to check the schedule below.

Second, we have the very first batch of water quality monitoring data from the Henry’s Fork Foundation/South Fork Initiative’s monitoring site here at the lodge. Below are the last two week’s data on Oxygen, Temperature, and Turbidity. Really cool! You can learn more about the South Fork Initiative here, and if you’d like to receive regular email updates from the South Fork Initiative email [email protected] and he can add you to the list.

South Fork Initiative water quality data

That’s it for this week’s report as always if you have questions or need anything come by the shop or give us a call. 208.483.2222