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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 6/11/20

Every Thursday afternoon we are here with the weekly fishing report so let’s get started as we roll through June!

River Flow: You can see from the graph below flows dropped drastically this week from 20,000 cfs last weekend to a steady 12,000 now. This drop in the flow really improved the fishing and we saw some of our largest fish of the year come to the net.  The fish really responded well to this drop in the flow with some really great nymph fishing this week.

Weather: After the rain/snow last weekend it sure is nice to feel that sunshine today and it looks like the weather this weekend will be improved over last weekend but with a milder cold front and rain passing through on Sunday.  If you like wearing flip flops and shorts tomorrow looks like the day to float but Saturday looks like it will be pretty nice with a bit of wind.

Fishing and Flies: Subsurface flies will still be the name of the game for another week or two.  We generally start seeing stoneflies, both Little Yellow Sallies and Salmon Flies about the 3rd or 4th week of June depending on the weather.  Now is the time to be fishing those big Salmon Fly nymphs as the fish are sure to be looking for them!

  • Nymphs – Big stonefly nymphs such as Pat’s Rubberlegs, Cheater Belly Stones, Bitch Creek nymphs, should be fished 4-6 feet below an indicator and trail that fly with your favorite bead head or jig nymph representing a small yellow sally nymph.  The fish will still be eating San Juan Worms, eggs, BWO’s etc.
  • Streamers – Early morning or late evening when the light is low the streamer bite has been very good.  Motor Oils, JJ’s specials, Sex Dungeons etc.

Please give us a call or come by the shop if you have questions, need some flies or a shuttle.  Have a great rest of your week and catch a big one!