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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 6/23/22

Gig Brummell

Water managers with the B.O.R. were able to capitalize on the wet weather we had in May and early June to fill Palisades Reservoir to 73% as of today.  As warmer weather has (finally!) arrived and irrigation demands have increased, so has the outflow of the reservoir to 9,200 cfs. This is historically below average and perfect for the upcoming Salmon Fly hatch.  Speaking of Salmon Flies, we have reports of a few Golden Stones flying around on the lower river and the fish are really keying in on the big Rubberleg nymphs so we should see “the big bug” soon.  Fishing on the lower river remains the most consistent as the water is warmest in the lower stretches.  The current weather forecast should make the river really “pop”.  I would be ready for afternoon dry fly fishing any day now.  Good fishing and good times are ahead.

For this weekend I would recommend a float on the lower river.  Start your day with a double nymph rig or streamers, after lunch as the water warms you can start probing around with a dry/dropper rig.  Pay special attention to cliff walls, bushes, boulders on the bank etc. as this is where the most bugs will emerge and the first eager trout will be looking for them.

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