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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 7/2/20

south fork of the snake rainbow trout

July is here and with it, Salmon Flies!  Yes, we are finally seeing a few Salmon Flies on the lower river.

River Flow: Outflow out of Palisades Reservoir was sort of all over the place this week.  With the reservoir 100% full the USBR didn’t have much choice but to raise flows with the increase in in-flow due to all the rain we’ve had.  USBR is quickly dropping flows and it is their intention to get the flows to around 14,000 cfs for the big holiday weekend and keep it there.  As of this writing, the flow is at 15,500 cfs.

Weather: High water flows and lots of rain this week had me thinking about what my Grandpa used to say “Great weather if you’re a duck”.  So, it was really nice to see the sun come out this morning and temperatures forecast to get closer to normal for this time of year.  The warm temps are just what we need to get more dry flies hatching.

Fishing and Flies: Ok, now on to the good stuff.  Our guides and guests are starting to see a few Salmon Flies and Yellow Sallies on the lower river.  The cold weather and high water really slowed the hatch down but with the water dropping and temps rising we expect a quick resurgence in the dry fly activity especially on sections 3 and 4 over the weekend.  If it gets warm enough the hatches may move upriver quickly.

  • Nymphs – Our guides have turned to calling all stonefly nymph patterns simply, “turds” and the “turd” fishing has been excellent this week. While there are a few dry flies out and about the main action has definitely been sub-surface.  Fishing a large black or brown stonefly nymph trailed by a little yellow sally or green drake nymph about 6′ below a strike indicator is pretty much the go-to rig right now.
  • Dry Flies – As the water warms each day afternoons should be your focus to keep your eyes out for dry fly fishing.  Sallies, Salmon Flies, Drakes, and maybe even some PMD’s will start to hatch as the water warms.  When you get to some “A” water, run your dry flies through first to “test the waters” if nothing responds grab your nymph rods and try again.

All of us here at TLAPC wish you a great 4th of July.  Come visit us at the shop or call if you need anything 208.483.2222.  Please remember with visitors coming from all over the country, state, and county this weekend physical distancing, masks, and washing hands are more important than ever. We are all in this together!