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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 7/21/22

fish flop south fork rainbow

It seems like just yesterday we were seeing our first Salmon Flies and now we are seeing are last.  The big Salmon Fly hatch has pretty much wrapped up with just a few stragglers on the banks just below the Dam.  Don’t fret though in all the years that I guided on the South Fork the best big foam fishing of the year was always on the Golden Stones and we are seeing those flying around now as well.  We are also seeing good hatches of PMD’s, Sallies, and Caddis.  If you pull into a riffle and the fish aren’t rising run a PMD nymph, Sally nymph, or PMD emerger through the run, the fish are there eating even if they aren’t rising.

Late July through all the way into October is “big foam” season; Salmon Flies, Golden Stones, Hoppers (soon), and then Mutant Goldens.  We are blessed anglers on the South Fork.  You’ll find our guides rigging rods with a big foam bug and a dropper daily.  Keep that riffle rod rigged as well with Parachute PMD trailed by a PMD emerger.

If you’re looking for some of the best fishing of the day and want to avoid the crowds consider fishing the evening Caddis hatch and spinner fall.  There’s a magic window from when the sun leaves the water until past dark when the river really comes alive, especially when it’s been a hot and sunny day.

If you need some suggestions on which big foam bugs and droppers are working swing into our shop in Swan Valley.  We have a great selection of all the bugs you might need.  Circus Peanuts, Water Walkers, Eldon’s Ants etc.

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