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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 7/22/21

fishing guide tanner lewis with angler and brown trout

Fishing remains very good on the South Fork of the Snake.  The flow out of Palisades reservoir is 16,100 cfs the historical average for this date is 12,500 cfs.  The flow is higher than average because farmers downstream need the water for irrigation due to our hot and dry year thus far.  We are fortunate that all this cold clear water has kept the bugs hatching and the fish happy, but you better be good on the oars to keep your anglers in the fish.

The Salmon Fly hatch is wrapping up with just a few bugs still left flying around in the miles below the dam. Fishing big bugs close to the bank with your favorite PMD dropper has been the go-to setup.  We are looking forward to seeing more Golden Stones moving their way upriver.  In all my years of guiding my best days of big dry fly fishing were rarely during the Salmon Fly hatch but often during the Golden Stones so the fun isn’t over!  Other bugs to keep an eye out for are of course PMD’s hatching in the riffles from around 11:30 to 3:00 and then Caddis if you stay out late.

I would expect the fishing to remain excellent for the next month or more but eventually, the hot weather will probably catch up with us.  Get out there and enjoy this special fishery.  If you need fishing advice, fishing licenses, flies, tippet, etc. we have everything you need at either fly shop; our new fly shop in Swan Valley at the main intersection or the fly shop at “the lodge”.

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*Photo credit: Guide Tanner Lewis @river_rat_208 on Instagram.