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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 7/27/2023

Palisades Creek Guide holds big Brown Trout.

For fun, I read the fishing report from July 28th last year.  The fishing, hatches, and river flow were nearly identical a year ago.

The Giant Salmon Fly hatch has run its course now but some fine fishing and hatches are still upon us.  The water has dropped 2,000 cfs this week from 13,000 to 11,000 cfs exposing more riffles and improving the overall riffle habitat for the fish and bugs alike. Anglers are switching their attention to Golden Stones and PMDs. Big foam Golden Stones with a dropper cast close to the bank is an effective setup in the mornings and then riffle hopping in the afternoons when the PMDs are popping.

Savvy anglers are also fishing the very start of our terrestrial season, the late evening Caddis hatch and Spinnerfall, and throwing streamers during low light conditions.  There’s something for every angler if you time it right.

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