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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 8/14/20

south fork of the snake drift boat fishing

If it’s Thursday then it’s time for our weekly fishing report.

River Flow: Palisades reservoir is 79% full. Outflow has stayed at 9,700 cfs.

Weather: No complaints here, sure it’s the dog days fo summer but we wait all winter for this so pack your sunblock, cooler, sandals, and get out there.

Fishing and Flies: We talk a lot about seasons on these weekly fishing reports but after spending several days on the river this week I’d like to talk about the cycle of the day as it seems appropriate.

  • Morning: From dawn, to about 11:00 you can find fish keying in on “Mutant” Stoneflies.  These bugs don’t fly but instead use their stubby wings to skitter across the water and tend to emerge in the early morning.  Twitch a tan Chernobyl pattern across a riffle, flat, or under a bush to get the fishes attention.  The first hour of light is the best.
  • Afternoon – From about 12:00 until 4:30 PMD’s are the name of the game.  You’ll find fish stacking up in riffles and feeding on dry flies and emergers.  Bring your “A game” and your “A flies” as the fish are getting picky. We have all the trick bugs in the shop but size 16 emergers in pink or yellow with CDC are working well.
  • Evening: The slowest part of the day is from 5:00 until just before dark.  When the PMD’s stop hatching the fish have been taking a break only to pick right back up when the light starts to leave the water.  Fish are keying in on Caddis, PMD’s and Spinners in the hour or so before dark.  It’s by far the best fishing of the day but it’s short-lived.

Come visit us at the shop or call if you need anything 208.483.2222. Our fly shop is fully stocked with all the flies you might need for a successful day and all the other gear you might need.  Thanks for reading and have a good time on the water.