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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 8/24/2023

South Fork of the Snake River Angler with Brown Trout

We’ve seen the flows out of Palisades duck and dive in the last week as irrigation demand changes based on the weather.  The changes have not affected the fishing in any major way and we are still in that “something for everyone” phase and moving towards the “outside the box” season.  I’ll explain.

Something for everyone – If you’re a “dry or die” angler you’ve got some good options for dry fly fishing. We’ll continue to see Mutant Golden Stones until our first hard freeze of the season. Twitching big foam patterns in the early morning hours is your best bet, particularly off of gravel bars as the mutants hide under the rocks during the day.  (Try flipping over some rocks next time you’re walking on a gravel bar.)  Dry fly anglers can also look forward to afternoon PMDs, Hoppers, Beetles, and evening caddis.  If you like tossing “bobbers” you just might have the most consistent fishing especially if you’re out in the middle and hottest parts of the day.  Streamer fishermen have had a great week with all the cloud cover and there are still a few afternoon showers in the forecast so all is not lost for you.

Outside the box – This time of year the fish are really starting to feel the pressure.  Doing something different might mean a few more fish to your net.  This could be fishing at a different time of day, a section maybe you’ve never tried before, a different type of water, or a different fly.  My Grandpa was a believer in “throw them something they’ve never seen before.” He wasn’t afraid to tie on something crazy and give it a go.  I’ve had this work quite well before with a variety of flies; Dry flies (Lime Green Double Humpy), Nymphs (Bead Head Rubber Legged Double Renegade), Dry Flies (Renegade), and Streamers (Cone Head Grey/Yellow Super X).  Pay attention to places on the river that get a lot of pressure and don’t fish there. Try the other side, try some shallow flats, and fish a seam off an island 10 feet further out than everyone else.  Years back I floated from Menan to Roberts just to check it out, there certainly aren’t as many fish per mile way down there but the fish that were there were much more willing to take a fly.

It looks like it’s going to be another great weekend on the South Fork.  Have fun, make some new friends, and reach out if we can help with anything.

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