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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 8/25/22

fly fishing guide josh jablow

Cooler weather and thundershowers are a big help for keeping the bugs, fish, and anglers happy.  Both are in the forecast for the weekend.  There are still Mutant Golden Stones around.  I would expect another emergence or two of these fun bugs when irrigation demand wanes, typically the Mutants wrap up once we get the first hard freeze.  PMDs and Caddis are also still hatching though we are entering the transition time between our summer hatches and fall hatches.  Terrestrial season is in full swing but the fish are picky about their big dry flies after a summer of staring at poor presentations.  To be successful with big dries requires good casts in the right places, patience, twitches, and don’t forget to let those flies “marinate” the longer you can keep the fly in the water in the right spot the better chance you’ll have.

Time of day and weather will play a role in what you should fish.

  • Early morning: Twitch Mutant Golden Stones.
  • Midday Sun: Might be the best time to nymph or really head hunt sneaky fish with PMDs, Ants, or Beetles.
  • Afternoon thunderstorm: Keep an eye out for a spur or the moment PMD or even BWO hatch.  Throw streamers.
  • Evening: Streamers or Caddis.

Have a great weekend on the water!

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