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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 8/26/2021

south fork angler with brown trout

The flow out of Palisades reservoir dropped a dramatic 3,000 cfs on Monday, and again just now about 2,000 cfs. It looks like the flow is sitting at about 9,000 cfs.  This is a welcome change although typically the B.O.R would make this change in increments of 500 cfs over the course of several days.  This flow will open up a lot more water for riffle fishing, wading etc. Palisades reservoir sits at 23% capacity.  We had a lot of rain last week and cooler than average temperatures continue into this week, a welcome relief  for fish, bugs, guides, and anglers alike.

Fishing strategies for this weekend.

  • The drop in flows this week triggered an excellent hatch of mutant golden stones.  As I mentioned last week this is a “dawn patrol” mission but even if you don’t get on the water until later twitching your favorite foam pattern all morning will still get the fish’s attention. With the drop again today tomorrow morning will be an excellent time to go for it.
  • The mahogany dun fishing last week during the wet/cool weather was very good, The fish will still be looking for a well placed mayfly. If we get some rain and or clouds the small dry fly fishing will turn on.
  • If you’re more of an evening angler the caddis hatches have been impressive at dusk and you can just keep on fishing until you can’t see your fly anymore.
  • Ants, beetles, and hoppers are working.  Hopper dropper on the banks and small ants for picky fish.
  • If it gets hot and bright out a double nymph rig will probably bring the best action.  A small golden stone nymph in a size 10 trailed by your favorite small (16-20) bead head will be effective. A crack back PMD or BWO has been a good dropper.

Have a fun and safe weekend on the water.

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