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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 8/31/2023

South Fork Angler with Brown Trout

There was a touch of Fall in the air this morning and it looks like September will roll right into Fall with a cool, wet Labor Day Weekend in the forecast.  The forecast calls for rain and a high temperature of just 66 degrees on Labor Day.  While I doubt this will end the flip-flops for the year I think you’ll see more waders this weekend than sandals.

If you’re sneaking out early this week and fishing on Friday there is a chance of rain, wind, and a high of 82.  These are perfect conditions for hopper/dropper rigs and other terrestrials like beetles and ants being blown into the river.  As the temps drop and clouds increase this weekend streamers and B.W.O. and Mahogany Dun mayflies will be on the menu.  I would expect some excellent afternoon Mayfly hatches on Sunday and Monday if the forecast holds true.

There are still some Mutant Golden Stones out and about so early-morning floats should still be on your radar.  Fill any slow fishing times with double-nymph rigs representing Stonefly and Mayflies.

Our Fly Shop is open all weekend if you need any supplies on your way to the water.

Have a fishy, fun, and safe Labor Day.