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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 9/1/22

The calendar says September but the weather says hot hot hot.  There’s really no better place to be when it’s this hot than on the river.  The water temps coming out of Palisades remain in the safe zone of 66 degrees.  I’ll give a shout-out to the Henry’s Fork Foundation and their South Fork Initiative for the temperature monitoring you can find here. If you’re fishing the lower river, especially below Heise you might keep an eye on the water temps and if they rise above 70 consider taking a break.  No matter where you fish you’ll find the best times of day are early morning for the Mutant Golden Stones and evening for caddis and PMD spinner fall.  Savvy anglers are still catching fish on terrestrial dry/dropper rigs, ants, beetles, and PMD’s in the middle of the day but with the “severe clear” days stacking up nymphing mid-day will become a more reliable technique.

If you have questions about the fishing, need flies, leaders, etc. give us a call at 208.483.2727 or swing by our Swan Valley Fly shop located next to the new gas station and grocery store.  Have a great weekend!

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