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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 9/14/2023

Angler and Driftboat on the South Fork of the Snake River

Minimal changes to the fishing report this week.  The flows have come down about 900 cfs from last week to about 7,100 cfs. This opens up more riffles and wade fishing opportunities, especially below the Great Feeder.

I think the weather affects the fishing the most this time of year and I base my strategy mostly on the weather.

Warm and Sunny: If you like dry flies then your fly fishing technique should be more like hunting. You’re really going to need to search out those areas where the fish are seeing bugs, have cover, and aren’t getting disturbed so they’re still willing to out and play.  Quiet side channels, areas with cover from logs, bushes, cliffs, rocks, etc.  A well-placed hopper, foam mutant stone, flying ant, rusty spinner, and other picky fish nuggets are still catching fish.  Of course, adding a dropper will more than double your chances here, which is why you rarely see a fly fishing guide without a dropper (or two haha).

Cool and Wet: This is the time of year when the cool and rainy days fish the best for all types of fishing; streamers, nymphs, and dry flies.  Blue Winged Olives and Mahogany Mayflies hatch in the afternoons on days like this.  You can fill your morning hours with nymphs imitating these Mayflies or get down to business throwing streamers.  When the bugs hatch you’ll have a few hours of excellent dry fly fishing.  Focus on foam lines, riffles, and anywhere the bugs are getting pushed.

The forecast holds both of these weather types in the coming week.  This weekend looks a lot like last weekend, sunny and warm, with a weather change coming for the work week.

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