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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 9/17/20

south fork of the snake river drift boat

If you’re not out fishing you should be thinking about fishing so here we go with our weekly fishing report.

Just a quick note on the Idaho Fish and Game’s annual abundance survey.  Electrofishing surveys were conducted this week Tues – Thursday on the 2-mile section above Lorenzo and will take place again next week in the same location on the same days. October 6 – 8th and October 13 – 15th the survey will be taking place 2 miles above and below the Conant boat ramp. Plan your fishing accordingly.

River Flow: Flows have been steady at about 6,700 cfs all week.  We’ve had a great season as it relates to Palisades Reservoir, it’s still more than half full and continues to release cold/clear water.

Weather: Warm days and smoky skies continue through tomorrow with pattern change arriving for Saturday.

Fishing & Flies: If you’re on the river tomorrow (Friday) refer to last week’s report (mutant golden stones, terrestrials, small nymphs, etc.) If you’re heading out Saturday then lucky you, as Saturday looks to be the first weather change we’ve had in nearly 2 weeks.  With cooler weather and rain in the forecast pack your rain jacket, streamer box, and all your favorite Blue-Winged-Olive (B.W.O) and Mahogany Dun patterns (nymphs, emergers, and dries).  Every year we are treated to the change from Summer to Fall, this change is also represented by how eagerly the trout feed.  Typically the BWO’s start hatching from 11:00 to as late as 2:00 so while you wait throw those streamers, you are sure to get some good action with the cloudy weather.  I would not be afraid to twitch your favorite chernobyl ant either!  As you start to see mayflies focus on riffles, eddies, and foam lines with your full assortment of life cycle stages.  It looks like Sunday will see the sun but with the cooler weather, I’d expect to see BWO’s again Sunday afternoon.

We hope you have a great weekend on the water.  As always, if you need flies, leaders, or some fishing tips come by the shop or give us a call.